Alone with the Woods

Erin’s life is misery. School is endless tedium punctuated by torment; home is worse. The only place he finds solace is in the forest behind his house, where he spends hours constructing inexplicable stone monuments.

But solace isn’t the only thing Erin finds there.

Something strange and ancient, speaks to Erin from the woods. He should be afraid, but he’s been so lonely, so desperate for someone to talk to. It offers Erin more than just conversation, however. It offers power and confidence – enough confidence to speak to Emma, the girl he can’t stop thinking about – and what it expects in return doesn’t hurt too badly.

But there’s no way Emma can understand what Erin has become, let alone the eerie forces that pervade their world… is there?

Alone with the Woods is a deeply unsettling slow-burn horror novella from David Shaw.