The Long Gate

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The Long Gate is a video game known for its striking visuals and challenging puzzles based on real-world digital, analog, and quantum circuits.

What people are saying about The Long Gate.

“…a strong puzzle title that is deeply rewarding in the long run…”
Screen Rant

“will put your mental abilities to the max”

“a striking, intriguing world stuffed with genuinely educational brainteasers and moments of wonder”
Adventure Gamers

Most of the puzzles can be completed in any order and some have more than a single possible solution for you to discover, and as you master each circuit type you will unlock keys to new areas and secrets. If you ever get stuck you can open the settings menu and select from multiple levels of hints.

Nearly all of The Long Gate’s puzzles are based on real-world technologies including accurate depictions of quantum circuits and even a 4-bit quantum computer, verified by scientists at D-Wave Systems, the world’s first commercial quantum computer company. To progress through the game, you will intuitively learn the basic principles that form the backbones of each circuit type. If you have an interest in STEM, this is a game for you.

The Long Gate also features an incredible original soundtrack by musician Nick Newman. It can be purchased alongside the game on Steam or streamed for free on Spotify, YouTube, or Apple Music.

Explore the mysterious caverns and solve the puzzles of the ancient machines that fill them in-